New Kickstarter Content Survey

Hello Open Legion!

I’m currently looking to get some input and feedback on what the community is looking for in a new Open Legend (3rd party) release.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently working on assembling material for a Kickstarter project and to do so I would like to find out what kind of content the community is looking forward to. So, if you want to shape the general direction of the content that I will be working on, then I would like you to fill out this short survey (about 10 minutes) to help me out:


Would the extra base rules (like more Banes/Boons) be available for free on the website like all the previous rules, or is this all paid-only?

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3rd party, means not by Seventh Sphere or Open legend (which means wouldn’t be on the website)

He is developing these himself, like the Duemer setting.

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GM described the situation correctly for why it won’t be on the website but that doesn’t mean that everything would have to be paid content only. Generally, I like to spread my ideas around and make them accessible, but to what extend is way too early to decide at this point.


I’d say that expanded settings or supplements that demonstrate the versatility of the mechanics as they apply to different genres. Many people play fantasy (I’m no exception), but I also run other campaigns in various settings. Having new content to help facilitate running an awesome Sci-Fi adventure or a modern day zombie apocalypse campaign would be super helpful, and I’d definitely throw down money for something like that.

I’m sorry to disappoint you in that regard, as the settings are already established and they are all going to be fantasy or fantasy-adjacent, at least. There will be Horror-Fantasy, Pulp Fantasy, and High Fantasy, but hopefully there will be enough other material to still entice your support.

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