Need 4-6 players for heist 1 shot

Awesome. I’ll shoot you a message this week and see who else we can get. I can probably pull in one or two people locally to round it out if we fall short.

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I’m interested but considering I’m in CET it might get too difficult to schedule.

I’m down to play, if the signup is still open. I cant play this weekened but after that I should be good

Hey, I saw that you proposed the 1st of February for the heist over on Discord. I won’t be available on that weekend but I hope you’ll find enough players!

@Lithimlin and @AtlasDragon101.
Does Feb 1st work for you?

Thanks @VanGo. If all goes well I can do a second run after I’ve had time to make adjustments from the first one.

Depending on the time, this would work. My zone is CET.

I believe I did the math right and a 9am PST game for me would start at 6pm for you.
Would Feb 2nd be any better for people?

Both those days would work.

The weekend isn’t that far off. Can I get a headcount interested in a Feb 2, 9AM PST run? Runtime approx 4 hours, maybe less.

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Works for me

i should be good but right now there’s some family stuff that’s pretty up in the air so im unfortunately only a solid maybe

the magic 8 ball says “the future is cloudy, shake again later”

I’m pushing the game back to tbd. Schedule shifted around for me. I’ll be running it at a local convention in two weeks, so they can be the guinea pigs. After that I’ll come back to the forums and discord to reschedule.

Did you end up running this? If so how did it go?

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Right, this was a thing… It hasn’t happened yet. :thinking:

I did run it at the convention I was making it for. The players seemed to enjoy the experience. Only one session got people signed up so I didn’t get a very broad sample set. I’m still open to trying an online run of it but I admit I’ve been sucked into other campaigns I’m starting up for local friends


Hey, do you have it written up so another DM could run it? If so, I am willing to run it for a group this weekend.

Sorry for the delayed response wolf, I just say this. I’ll clean up my notes on it today and upload.

That would be epic!

Sorry I am late on the reply again and things are a bit messy. The link is here:

The core adventure is from Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG News and was posted by iserith there. I changed the setting, rule system, and characters.

As a DM I did play a bit loose with enemy abilities behind the screen, mostly make them more powerful to keep the players moving

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Thank you. I snagged it. I am going to run it with 3 different groups. :slight_smile: one of them being with kids. Thank you for sharing.