Minor Action - Superior Concentration and Boon Focus - how many things can you do in a minor action

A question about how many activities can be undertaken in a minor action. I have level 4 character with Energy and Presence 6. And feats of Superior Concentration and Boon Focus II (heal).

Let’s say we are a couple of rounds into a battle. I am using Superior Concentration to sustain a Bolster and a Resistance. Both allowed under SC. Can I also use a minor action to do an insta-heal with Boon Focus? Meaning in the minor I am sustaining too boons with SC and executing a boon with BF II.

The text on minor in the rules says “You may take any number of minor actions on your turn, but you cannot take more than one of the same type of minor action.” But does executing the Boon Focus heal count as a different type of action to sustaining boons with the Superior Concentration?

thanks in advance?

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I’ll keep it short:

Yes, so there is the no problem by the rules for you to do both during your round.

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