Looking for players to share a journey [Closed]

I have new vacancies for 2-3 players in my ongoing campaign.

Setting is the homebrew continent of Szymeria. High fantasy with classic and non-classic races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves etc.)

We are a fun / story first group combined with the threat of dying horribly in a battle of some kind. I am looking for players who want to take an active part in the world and to help shape its future through their actions.

Time: Every Sunday at 5pm CET
Duration: 2-3 hours
Next game: 14th May
System used: Roll20 mixed with Discord

You will be joining two other players but they are still low level so only a level 1 character is needed.

If you are interested, let me know and we can go through the canon to help you craft a PC.


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is this game weekly?

Yes. Of course, sometimes people need to skip the odd session and that is fine.

im able to play if its cool to join

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Great stuff. Will PM you the discord link. Any questions about lore and character gen can be discussed there :slight_smile:

awesome :smiley: cant wait

 I'd be interested in joining. This sounds like my kind of game, and I'd love to get a feeling for the system with some actual play. I'm already on discord with the same name.
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Great map, btw @Plus ! You used Inkarnate to make it, didn’t you?

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Hey Hrathor, having trouble finding you on discord.

I did. Love that program. I have no art ability whatsoever. But having that map really helps my players get a feel :slight_smile:

I started to look at Inkarnate, but I am already backing 3 kickstarters for mapping software, and I already have Campaign Cartographer, and too many programs to do post work to name.
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is there still a place to join?

If you are still looking for players, modify your topic title at the very front with the following:

[Open X/Y]

where X is the number you are looking for, and Y is the total number in your group. If you don’t have an upper limit, just have it say [Open]

If you’ve found your players, switch it instead to [Closed]

Hi Tobi,

We are full for now but if we drop in numbers, I will repost.



Ok will do!



thank you Plus, any way. ^^