Kickstarter Rewards

Big Update for UK and Canada book orders:

Small correction to the above update, the UK shipment contains the books for other EU countries as well.

Mind in flight adventure, update on International shipping being received by more people, and… more:

Important Update

Any pre-ordered books which have not arrived yet should be presumed lost. Email to request a replacement, if your order then arrives PLEASE CANCEL THE REPLACEMENT as every replacement pulls from funds which would otherwise go towards completing the rest of the promised content.

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Update on International Orders and the Tracking Numbers
TL:DR >> Lawyers are having to be brought in to obtain the tracking numbers from the company that did the shipping.

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wow seriously, sorry to hear that. Happy to hear your fighting for your backers though.

It’s not us, we’re just volunteers! Full support behind Brian though, this whole thing has been a mess and I’m hoping it will be resolved soon for his sake as well as ours.


well to be fair you guys are great for “just volunteers” . and yes hope everything clears up for him can’t wait to see more stuff from him. I really hope he goes on to make some official releases.

The GM screen has been designed and a print run for people who ordered it is being organised soon. You can find a free PDF of it here: Open Legend GM Screen


any update on the gm screen? Not rushing just wondering :slight_smile:

Nope, not at the moment. Any updates will be communicated via email through Kickstarter updates or will be posted on here shortly after.

Hello open legend community. I want to start out by saying I love open legend and its my gaming groups go to system for everything. And my love for the system and the game has brought me here today to ask, What is the best way to contact Seventh Sphere Publishing LLC or Brian.

I really just want to ask about the gm screen and if we are still ever gonna get one. The kickstater campaign ended November 20, 2016 and it was announced on june 4th 2018 that the gm screen was still coming to us (The people who paid for it.)

I would just like to ask for an update on this item. See if there is a new version of it being worked on because I know the one was posted people could download and we were told that was not the final version.

So best way to contact Seventh Sphere Publishing LLC?

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We haven’t had any more updates on it, they would have been posted here if we had. Like many of the Kickstarter stretch goals it’s still coming, but work on it (which at this point is mostly negotiating printing and shipping) is having to fit around the author’s work and personal life. If you want to contact Seventh Sphere directly, the best method is the email address

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Double checking on the GM screens i still have not recieved mine and i would love it for an upcoming game. :slight_smile: just curious.

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Hello, I was hoping to get some insight and help regarding the kickstarter international order rewards. I have yet to receive anything from the open legends kickstarter (except the pdf files of course) I’ve been emailing periodically since the last kickstarter update, yet sadly I haven’t recived any updates or even a confirmation of my emails having been recieved. I’ve checked the email adress multiple times and am now unsure how I can even contact support at this point in time. Thanks in advance to any advice anyone might be able to offer.

That’s pretty much all you can do, that e-mail is the best way of contacting. You could try a message on Twitter I suppose.

Still no update on GM screen then. Shame

Yah the email is a ghost town. I’ve emailed it a few times and no replies. Feels like open legend has been abandoned, only thing keeping it alive is the community. Its me and my groups favorite system. But its pretty hard to stay hopeful for the future of the system.

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I can say that it hasn’t been abandoned, but is in a bit of a… pause, or stasis at the moment.

Also, it was very much designed for the community to build upon it, that was the very nature of OL being Open.

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More information here:

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