Kickstarter Regrets

Ive been doing my own campaign settings for the last year that I now just realized I dont have rewards for the Amaurea’s Dawn campaign setting. Not even the PDF. Sad faces follow.

I have everything else including the boon/bane decks and the GM screen, and the completionist inside me is dying.

Anybody else have KS regrets?

What? Those aren’t done or available.

PDF available here.


I meant that I ordered the decks and screen and excited to receive them. But I failed to order the campaign setting so I dont even get a PDF :frowning:

You can still get the pdf even now through backer kit if you didn’t buy

Oh is that true? Thats great news. Ill check it out! Thanks for the info!

Ah, yeah, totally misunderstood what you wrote then it seems.

I realized I want the bane and boon decks, but I didn’t order them.

I realized I could still order them, and did a while after I posted this. Now just waiting for shipping!

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