Is there a way to make Immunity?

I’ve been trying to make some undead, but the energy resistance and indomitable will don’t really cut it. I don’t want my zombies to get knocked out, mind controlled, or poisoned. It would make sense for them to be flat out immune to these things. This applies to robots too. Is there a way to properly build these or do we have to house rule it?

for monsters and npc’s you can pretty much just say they have what ever it is you need. Also if you scroll down THIS page below the npc stat section there are DM NPC feats. one of them is this one.
Bane Resistance (tier 1 - 2, your choice, available only to GMs): Choose a bane and gain the following benefits:

Tier 1: Gain +5 to your defense against the chosen bane.
Tier 2: You are immune to the chosen bane.

Do these feats cost anything or are they free?
also thanks for showing me this.

the rules for a DM making a NPC or monster are pretty much give it what ever it needs to tell its story. It may take a little practice to make sure you dont create something to powerful for the lvl your PC’s are.

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@reddevil is right, the GM-only feats allow you to set up these kinds of things within the mechanics of the system. However, there’s also an easier way to enforce these kinds of things; everything that happens in your campaign has to make sense.

Your players want to knock out the zombies? Okay, how? Somebody wants to try and poison a robot? First they have to explain it in a way that would work within the setting. If a player wants to make use of this kind of narrative immunity, they should probably have to buy an appropriate feat (or pick a perk if it’s something very rare and specific) but there’s no limit for NPCs.

As a side note, adding special abilities to NPCs isn’t even really a house rule. The D&D monster manual is full of creatures with abilities that never show up anywhere else, it’s no different in OL just because you make the monsters yourself. Don’t go crazy with it, but also don’t be shy about saying “This creature has this ability, because that’s what this creature does” if you can’t find existing rules for it.

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Wow this whole time i thought i had to give the monsters attributes like entropy to make them accurate with disease carrying bites, but all i have to do is give away bane access like Oprah giving away free cars.

Speaking of which is there a way to add a bane that doesn’t use agility or might with an attack?

again as a DM I would just give it to a Monster if it made sense. Describe it to the players in an awesome way during combat and i doubt they would even ask.

You can absolutely just give the bane, or just give them the attribute for that bane and roll that attribute to attack. The second method is particularly useful if you want different attacks to have differing levels of effectiveness, like maybe your zombies’ entropy is lower than their Might because when they’re going in for a bite it’s easier to defend against than when they’re clawing and scratching.

A bit of a technicality, since it doesn’t really matter for NPCs, but the way you would allow them to inflict a bane from a different attribute with their Agility or Might attacks is to give them a “weapon” with that bane on it. Weapons allow you to inflict their favoured banes even if you normally can’t with that attribute, for example the Flamethrower in the example equipment table allows you to inflict Fear with Agility. Remember that this table is full of examples, and unarmed strike is just another weapon; you’re encouraged to come up with new weapons for your setting if it makes sense, and that can include different kinds of unarmed attacks for your NPCs if you want it to.

there is no such thing as Bane Access actually. But with an NPC you can give them any attribute and aren’t limited to attribute points unless you want to be.

Naturally doing what makes sense for the particular creature/NPC.