Is there a mechanic that creates the opposite effect of the Resistance boon?

If not I’d like to propose a Vulnerable bane to effective do that effect.

Power levels 3, 5, and 7 would do the same thing but subtract while power level 9 reduces the defensive score to something really low. I think 0-2 are definitely too low so probably 3 -5.

Blinded, Sickened and Polymorph are all banes which contain similar effects. If you want a straightforward “Vulnerable” bane then that sounds like a fine homebrew, but be very aware that reducing defences is massively more powerful increasing them, especially with higher numbers.

If you don’t see why that is, then consider that until PL 9 Resistance only slows down the rate at which you lose HP, and has minimal effect on massive explosions, while reducing enemy defences causes you to deal more damage and win the fight faster (which also reduces the amount of damage you take by helping to remove enemies from the battlefield).

I would suggest something like:

Entropy vs Toughness

  • PL 5: -3 to all defences against 1 attack type
  • PL 7: -6 to all defences against 1 attack type
  • PL 9: -9 to all defences against 1 attack type

Special: When the target succeeds at a resist roll against this bane, they become immune to all subsequent attempts by you to inflict the bane for the next hour.


I didn’t realize how much more powerful it is to reduce defenses like that but I definitely understand your explanation and I like your version better.