I want to run a cowboy bebop game

I want to run a cowboy bebop type game but some of the tasks are daunting. Anyone got any tips on things like…

  • space combat?
    *Ships or cars in general?
    *and how to reflect the high cost of space travel other than like never giving them a wealth raise?

Really any tips. This will be the first time in running the system and there is no time limit on when we are going to start playing but be and my friends have dreamed about running a Bebop type game forever and this system seems like it would be a good fit to finally do it what with how open it is and the exploding dice making combat not just a long boring slog fest ect.

The big question is how involved do you want space combat or vehicle to vehicle combat to be?

You can just make it be really simple and narrative, or you can treat it like regular combat. As far as high wealth of travel, you can just leave that to the narrative.

WL is not directly money or currency, it is also favor and standing. Some things can exist outside of that if you want it to.

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Well id like it to be like normal combat but with a higher focus on mobility. I didn’t know how to convey that other than like increasing movement speed and what skills I should tack onto it. I was thinking maybe agility or int for flying.

Have you read the basic Vehicle and Mount rules yet? Chapter 9 and the end of Special Equipment?

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