[house rule] Tides of Fate

A rule I’ve started implementing to vary the success of aoe attacks and conceal npc defenses is “rolling fate.” It’s like a luck roll. You roll 1d6!!-1d6!! whenever something has its defenses targeted. Its then altered by that amount for that attack, so usually there’s no effect since the d6s usually cancel. However, as aforementioned, I like it because if you aoe a group of identical enemies, it isn’t a binary ‘you hit them all or miss them all’ scenario, since they all roll differently.

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Im not sure i understand how this is supposed to work, if the NPCs roll anything but zero they don’t get hit in an AoE attack?

mb, I left out some vital info. So, the result of the roll modifies the roller’s defense. So in an aoe attack, there’s a gradient of defense values even if they’re all the same npc.

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Ah, i see. That’s pretty cool from a narrative perspective and would probably fit well in a gritty campaign imo.

You might want to edit your original post so it’s clearer to other people in the future :wink:.

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I like the idea from a DM standpoint, it makes things easier, two rolls rather than ten

All attacks are single roll attacks @Ponix_Dark. Unlike other systems, you roll once and compare the defenses of all affected creatures to the roll.

Hence the phrasing “hit all or miss all”.

I realized that the second I sent it in, but it was too late :sweat: