Heightened Invocation and attributes

So I posed this Question on the Discord server, but when you select the Heightened Invocation feat, does it affect all of your extraordinary attributes, or does it need to be taken mutiple times for each extraordinary attribute? we could not reach an agreement on discord, I assumed that because it doesn’t say to select an attribute that it affects all, but I’m not sure.

It does not state you must select an attribute to take the feat, nor does it have the special clause that you can take the feat multiple times selecting a new attribute each time.

This means it affects any extraordinary attribute.


Ok, thank you for the clarification.:slight_smile:

Based both on the lack of language specifying that you must select a specific attribute and on the lack of mention in the “special” section about taking it multiple times for different attributes, I would assume that it works for any attribute.

When invoking a bane or boon, you may choose to do so as a heightened invocation.

Note that it doesn’t specify “a bane or boon using the selected attribute” or something similar. I take this to mean any bane or boon.

The only caveat I might make if one of my players took this is that I might consider requiring that the attribute used for the bane or boon meets the requirement for the tier being used. For example, I’m not sure that having a 9 in Energy (and tier 3 of the feat) should mean that you can use tier 3 with your Influence 3 on Charmed. This probably falls in the house rule category, though.

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