[Full] New GM Looking for 3 to 4 players for a campaign based on Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

The year is 1000 A.G.
The kingdom of Guardia is celebrating this thousand year aniversary with the Millenial Fair.
A fair that has humans and demi-humans (monster-like humanoids) coming over from all over the world.
Martial artitst will be showing off their skills, blacksmiths their weapons,
and scientists their mechanical contraptions. The most famous scientist Lucca
will be showing off her latest invention, the telepad, in a live demonstration.
What could possibly go wrong ?


You will be traveling through different time periods with each their own creatures, architecture and politics (or lack there of), all with the porpose of finding a way to deal with a great evil.

Character creation

Starting Level : 1
Starting Equipment : 3 items of up to WL 2, anything from the core rules goes. Custom items can be requested.
Alignment : Be a team player.
There are no other limitations to character creation.

Planned session time : Tuesdays, Bi-weekly, starting at 19:00 CEST (17:00 GMT) and will last for 3 to 4 hours.
My personal schedule is fairly flexible however, and planned sessions could be changed if players request this.


big fan of chrono trigger! i hope i have the time to join :sunny: let me know how you handle the party techs!

The story will largely be based on Chrono Trigger, but the combat is Open Legend, there are no specific rules planned for party techs. Though there are always boons and assist actions to “simulate” a party tech.

So, after coming up with an idea and mentally sparring about it on the chat, Sam Wilby came up with a nice idea that I’ll be using.

Assist acion will now be : There are no attribute restrictions anymore. As long as it makes sense, you can assist using any attribute your character has. Additionally the advantage for assist is increased to half the attribute score rounded down.

I think this should work fine for the party techs. :slight_smile:

is it possible for me to join?

Sure, we still have one spot free at the moment.

You can contact me on Discord for details if you like.

Sure my name is The Watcher#4500

Full now, this campaign is not looking for more players at this moment.

edited the title to reflect

One spot has opened.

Hi, if it’s okay for a newbie to join in and if there’s still a space open, would it be alright for me to join in?
I only really played Open Legend twice, but would love to play more and loved playing Chrono Trigger as well. Either way, thank for your time :slight_smile:

Sorry, someone beat you to it. But I’ll let you know in case another spot opens up.

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Another spot opened up. DefinetlyNotSandwich already got his :slight_smile:

Is the spot still open? I’m interested. My inner Lucca is screaming to get involved.

Sorry @AlexisKenzi, but if you check the title of the page you’ll see that it’s tagged as full. I’m sure @Arisu can keep you in mind for if another spot opens up though.

Indeed, I will make note of it :smiley:

:woman_facepalming: of course. I should have noticed that. I guess I saw Chrono Trigger and got too excited to think clearly :joy: