Food and Drink!

For my upcoming campaign, I’m planning to add a lot of local food and drinks, adding to the feeling of exploring the culture of exploring new towns and civilizations. To make it a bit more impactful, I was thinking of giving stat buffs Breath of the Wild style (lasting around 8 ingame hours, alternatively for a certain number of encounters in day) for each individual course. My thoughts for drinks is that they give you advantage to certain banes, like weapons - for instance, a hearty swig of grog could give you advantage 1 to inflicting Knockdown. I’m still deliberating over foods, but I’m imagining that some minor passive effects like “Hearty Stew - +1 healing from all sources” could work. Any suggestions for cool effects/dishes?


Bratonalien Brandy (aka liquid courage): this amber liquid gives the imbiber a nice warming burn in their chest that is found by the Bratonaliens to be reassuring and invigorating. This brandy gives the imbiber advantage 1 to resist fear related effects.

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I think it would be cool to have an energy drink, narcotic, or natural supplement that forces the player into a Battle Trance for an hour!


Silvertongue cocktail
A mineral based and highly alcoholic beverage. It tastes like sucking on a penny but shoots down your spine like lightning. It loosens the tongue, for better or for worse.

For the next hour after drinking, you receive advantage 1 to Persuasion when attempting to be suave, but disadvantage 1 to Deception when trying to conceal a secret.