Failed Move Action Boons

I’m a bit unclear as to the rules in regards to to invocations with a time of ‘1 Move Action’ (like Teleport).

If the invocation fails, does the character still get to move normally or have they lost that opportunity by trying to invoke the boon.


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Just apply what you think would happen if instead of “Move” it would say “Major” action. Do you get to use your major action if you tried to use it for a boon? It follows the same logic.

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as VanGo said, same as a Major, you just get to use as a Move.

However, don’t forget about Success with a Twist as an option.

On a failed teleport, you could:

  • allow them to have 10’ of movement (or teleport)
  • Succeed at the lowest PL of teleport, but:
    • Have lowered Guard by 2
    • Suffer 3-6 HP loss from the strain of pushing through the teleport
    • Allow an enemy to move 10’ for free w/o provoking attacks b/c of the confusion of the teleport
    • other things that come to mind

just as a few examples. Depending on the situation and narrative other things might be more applicable

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What ‘I’ think would happen? I assume you’re saying the opportunity is lost but I’d appreciate a clearer answer. thanks.

When you use an action you use it. So if you use your Move Action to do a roll for Teleport, it is used, regardless of the result. Whether that is a Major/Move/Minor.

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