Extraordinary Item - Healing Armor - Overpowered?

If I’m reading the chapter on Extraordinary Items correctly, if you have some armor - at wealth level 4, you could add “Persistent (boons)” (+3 WL) and then add the PL 3 Heal boon (+1 WL) to the armor. This would allow the armor to automatically heal the wearer 1d8 hit points, every single turn.

You get to WL 4 by level 4. Allowing any character to be able to heal 1d8 every turn at level 4 seems outlandishly overpowered, not to mention really hard on GMs to create challenging encounters.

Am I reading this correctly?

You are, but a few things you might have missed.

  1. All extraordinary items are under the fully purvey of the GM. They can simply say no, that doesn’t exist.

  2. For someone that can make extraordinary items, they can say that you don’t have the materials to make such an item.

  3. Healing 1d8 might seem like a lot, but I’ve seen plenty where those d8s will roll low. Plus, healing isn’t a huge thing as you might think. What takes you out most times are explosions.

Also, to note, I didn’t bother to check any of your numbers for the WL. But the GM may also increase the Wealth Level of an item based on what makes sense for the campaign, this is also spelled out in the rules.


  1. Players do not automatically get WL 4 by level 4. There is a chart out there, but that is a suggestion for if you are starting the game at a higher player level, then maybe you will want to start at a higher WL.

Wealth is given out by the GM during play. So they may or may not be WL 4 by level 4 depending on treasures they find or items they sell.