EXTRAORDINARY Attribute use outside of Banes and Boons

I know all Attributes can be used to do things outside of Banes and Boons, but the extraordinary ones have me a little stuck on proper scale for checks since there are already listed banes and boons at different levels.

I’d love to see examples of how people use Extraordinary attributes in checks or other ways that don’t involve triggering the banes and boons

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What the attributes can be used for depends a lot on how they are being explained for a particular character. For example, I had a player character whose Energy attribute represented their advanced knowledge of explosives, who made a roll to blow a door of its hinges. Conversely, I have a player whose character uses Energy for her ability to create and manipulate solid light beams who used a roll to attempt to prop up a collapsing building.

You can find examples of the scale of the rolls in the Running the Game chapter, under “Attributes and Action Rolls in Play” or if you can find a similar boon that’s not quite a perfect fit then you can use the difficulty of a boon invocation roll to guide the challenge rating.


Energy fire- to light a camp fire


Connecting the attribute to its usage makes a lot of sense. I think that piece will get me a long ways. Thanks.

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