Dropping boons at will

Quick question about sustaining boons:
Do boons always last until the end of one’s next turn or could a player end it at the start of their turn if they would wish to do so?
Since sustaining a boon just needs to be done during your turn this usually isn’t important. But say you enter combat insubstantial. Could you reemerge as substantial at the beginning of your turn or will it always last till the end of a turn?

Players can cancel an opponent’s boon by “disrupting the target’s concentration”. Does this imply that one could drop a boon or bane even outside of their turn?
Picture a mage quickly dispelling the magical barrier so that the innocent civilian can run to safety. Or dropping the magical darkness at the command of his archer companion so that he can see the target.

Curious to hear your thoughts

With the rules as written, boons only drop at the end of your turn when you don’t sustain them. This works fine for most boons, because they’re usually a positive thing and you want to have them active for as long you can.

However, it’s a very common and very reasonable house rule to allow boons to be dropped as a free action (note that unless otherwise specified you can only do free actions on your turn) as they are supposed to be under the character’s control and that just makes sense. I wouldn’t allow it to happen outside of their turn though, having your concentration disrupted is a very different thing than willingly dispelling something. Maybe it could be allowed as an interrupt though, for the kind of circumstances you mentioned.


That’s the kind of expertise that I come to the community for :slight_smile:
Yeah having it as an interrupt action would make the most sense.

Follow-up question:
I was playing around with the insubstantial boon and wondered if there was any way to still make a physical opportunity attack whilst insubstantial.
Assuming that just taking a free action outside of one’s turn to drop a boon went against the mechanics, I figured the only way would be to allow a player to, in combination with battlefield opportunist, allow the player to drop their boon instead of one additional attack. That in itself I found problematic for a couple reasons, mainly cause opportunity attacks are attacks and nothing else.

Say a player is allowed to drop a boon as an interrupt action. Would that imply that, dropping the insubstantial boon in response to a target’s move action, the player could still make an opportunity attack?

Sure! Opportunity Attacks are minor actions, not normal interrupts, so you don’t even need Battlefield Opportunist to do that.

Then I’m very excited to test out such a character
Make a heroic melee fighter, good old goody two shoes. Grab boon focus 2 on Insubstantial. He’ll make for a strong close-combat fighter. But if the opponent steps out to attack a bystander or ally, his heroic nature compels him to engage the enemy, even though that means becoming substantial and potentially putting himself in harm’s way.

Looking forward to some fun stories

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