Drawing weapons to reroll initiative

The SRD states that as a Minor action you can:

“Draw a weapon (which forces you to reroll initiative,
see above)” -SRD pg.55

It dosn’t specify anything about rerolling initiative above, simply rolling it to start with. Now I know rules as intended (or at least how I would rule it) is for you to go on the new initiative on the next round, but rules as written the following example would be possible:

Player 1 with a 4 agility rolls initiative, dedicating himself to draw a dagger on the first round of combat. Player 1 rolls a total of 22 for initiative after advantages. Player 1 goes first and draws his dagger, rerolling his initiative. The new result is 19, still higher then anyone else’s. Player 1 then walks to the enemy and stabs them with their dagger. Player 1 ends their turn. Going down the initiative it is now Player 1’s turn…

I actually created this account just to post this little tid bit. Rerolling initiative when drawing a weapon isn’t a bad idea, it just needs to be clarified. I have a tendancy to play things as close to the rules as possible, so any other discrepancies or balance issues I’ll try to keep everyone posted.

This statement worries me. What are you calling the SRD? If you downloaded from the website, the thing called an SRD that is alpha do NOT use anything in it. It is way outdated, and only for developers when it does get updated. Refer to the actual website instead, or if you were a backer, you have the actual PDF core rules to reference.

Initiative is at the very first here:


:sweat_smile: yup, I just spent the past 2 days reading the wrong thing. Welp, time to scour the newer stuff

No worries, others have done it as well.

The kickstarter stretch goals are the main focus right now, once they are done, the SRD should be updated. Again,t he main purpose is for developers using the OGL etc. It will be the same rules on the website, but minus some of the descriptive text and examples.

Quick questions I’d recommend stopping by the discord, here for some good discussions :slight_smile: