Do you still have to invoke the Teleport when using it in Combat Momentum?

Quick question about Combat Momentum!

When using the special that says “If you have access to the teleport boon, you may use it instead of a normal move.” do you still have to roll to invoke teleport? Or do you automatically succeed on the invocation?

If this answer to this is that you do have to roll, would a failed invocation count as your attempt to move, meaning you can no longer move?

If this is the case, I guess I would take Boon Focus on it if I really wanted the guarantee.

if you don’t have boon focus, then yes, you would still need to invoke it, especially to determine just how far you can move (if you roll a lower tier).

As a GM, on a failed boon invocation, I’d allow success with a twist I think, in that you’d get the min PL of the boon, and maybe suffer some “stress” or “fatigue” and drop 1 or 2 HP, or allow another NPC to maybe move, etc.

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Ah I hadn’t thought of doing a success with a twist. That’s a good compromise. Thanks!