Creating an ability for a monster

I am converting a monster to open legend. This monster has a movement speed of 20ft normally. once per a min he can charge with a speed of 150 ft. I was thinking of making this a special attack using the movement supernatural attribute. Though currently I have no other uses for him to have this attribute.

Thoughts? ideas?

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Agility can also serve to represent “speed” if you want. There’s not reason to hold back from giving NPCs attributes for a single purpose though, it’s not like they have limited Attribute Points.

To me this ability sounds like a Haste (or maybe teleport flavoured as extreme speed) invocation; you can write it out as a “special attack” if you like, but keep in mind that the reason it was written like that originally will be because of the limits of the system it comes from. If you can make the same narrative work in a cooler and more versatile way, then why stick to the original rules format?

Oh I don’t mind changing it to a use of a boon or bane but I haven’t found the right one that feels right. At max lvl haste adds 25ft. I could re-flavor the teleport but I would then have to limit the range from miles to 150 ft. But I haven’t come up with a cool way to make these into an attack That would put some fear into the characters seeing this huge lumbering giant move this quick.

Here’s some ideas for you:

  1. Invoke Teleport with move action (maybe with Boon Focus)
  2. Attack with major action


  1. Invoke Haste with minor action (using Boon Focus 2)
  2. Move using move action and extra major action
  3. Attack


Shapeshift temporarily into a faster form


Just handle it narratively, increasing the speed as a one-shot effect.

Ah good ideas, I keep forgetting that boon focus II reduces the “casting” time to a minor action.

I am always surprised by the fact teleport also doesn’t have a step between 5 and 7 that is anywhere in line of sight.

But I have a good idea how I want to wright this up now, Thanks.