Consumable (Grenades) loot spawn list

I am working on a loot list for a certain module. I have some grenades finished, but I plan on adding more grenades and other consumable items in the future. (I can continue to share if someone is interested)
If you are want to use these items. Or if someone wants to add a few or all of them to the wiki. If I made some mistake and you want to say something. Feel free. :}

As the Players are exploring, a portion of their loot will consist of consumable items such as grenades. While they may be able to figure out that they are holding an explosive, they might be less aware of what exactly that explosive does.

Sort of like an ongoing puzzle… and also a bit of a gamble.
The only information they will receive is the ‘Label’ and the physical ‘Description’ of the grenade. They will have to try the explosive out, and keep track of the ‘Labels’ in order to know if they want to throw a ‘401’ grenade into the enemy formation or a ‘554’ grenade.

It will be a bit of a paperwork issue, but I hope it won’t be too burdensome :?

Consumable grenade list incomplete.doc (48 KB)

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Interesting, I thought I could just edit the original post… oh well.
Here is the full list of the first 100 items. Added trap making components, and dart ammunition.
Consumable d100.doc (109 KB)

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having it as a downloadable works, but less people will likely look at it b/c of being wary of downloading a file.

I might suggest using something like google documents to post it, then you can have a share link that people can comment on it if you so like. Then it will be easier for you to make updates to it as well.

Roger, and hopefully this is easier for people.

Grenades: Close Range, Precise, Expendable, Area (10’ cube) Approximate WL 2

Trap Damaging Components: modular components for trap include damaging aspect, engine (spring, motor, ect), and a Trigger (tripwire, motion sensor, remote activation) WL 2

Vials are used as trap damaging components, but can also be used elsewhere as well, WL 2

Consumable Dart ammo canister (because finding random needles doesn’t seem like it would work very well) WL 3

Technical Name Description Deployment (Flavor) Damage and Banes
Fuel Air Explosive Dark orange color, slight sloshing sound inside Brief hissing sound, a small spark, inferno Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Nitro-Powder Light blue color, slightly cool to the touch Concussive blast spreads air reactive powder, freeze Stun, Fatigue, Knockdown
Net Canister Grey with painted black grid lines lands upright anchored to ground, forcefully unfolds Immobile, No Damage
Acid Spray Sickly green with odd nozzles around top rim Sprays streams of corrosive liquid all over area Persistent Damage
Dud Grey and black checkered Emits a small puff of air. No damage, no effect
Rose Thorn Oval shaped, red w/ dull green lines winding on surfa takes root, set self upright, long thorn vines entangle Multi-bane: Slowed, Persistent Damage
Grappling canister Can shaped, Tan with a single dark vertical line Fires piton hundreds of feet, 100’ of rope No damage, unlikely: Immobile, Pers. Damage
Vermin Nest Shredder Bright orange with a row of 10 chevrons down one side explosion throws 100s of tiny arrowheads Persistent Damage
Thunder gem marble sized, yellow gem set inside clear resin shatter resin to release stored electrical energy Stunned, knockdown, forced move
Water gem marble sized, blue gem set inside clear resin shatter resin to shower area with water No Damage
Moss Seed Dark forrest green color spreads grows within area, adv to sneaking/sleeping No Damage, Sicken
Rope Storage Brown spiral design with black background detonates when thrown, trails 25’ rope behind flight No damage, Slow
O2 displacer blue, stylized expanding cloud silently emits invisible gas Sicken, Incapacitate
Firebomb Bright orange, black bars, stylized dragon on side stops 3’ above floor, explodes into fireball Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Thundersteel Black pitted metal, single yellow stripe one side Concussion, coalesce energy, lightning bolts Stunned, knockdown, forced move
Medical(Defective) White with a red cross on side, seems to be cracked Emits soothing light which then turns painful Deals 1d4 damage, heals 1d8
Barbed storm Grey with stylized red stinger Fires a shower of barbed darts Persistent Damage
Reject prototype teleporting bomb Army green, symbols on side, blue Dot, line, red star Lands, teleports thrower’s feet then explodes Knockdown, Forced Move
Crescent Odd shaped with nozzles on inner side Dances wildly around area, cutting all Persistent Damage
Smoke Round with a single hole at top, rainbow colored Lands then sprays area with multicolored smoke No Damage, Blinded
Wraith Off white blue color, with morbid grin face emblem Emits scary sounds, and thin hallucinogenic fog Phantasm 3,wraiths
Clunk Silver finish, five black dots Blows, sending out five other grenades, all duds No damage
Temporal Clear casing with wisps of strange energy within Emits a field which stresses tries to freeze matter. Immobile
Compensator Three times the normal size, pink and sky blue color Emits a fowl smelling odor No damage
Buzzard Yellow and black stripes, Hums slightly releases irate bee hive from stasis Demoralize, sicken
Splitter Navy Blue, pale blue symbol one line three dots at end Splits midair into tens of small orbs which explode Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Stunned
Distorter translucent Silver crystal, sparks dancing inside Temporal concussive blast, temporarily distorts area No damage, Incapacitate
Sandman Purple and black color, small specks of silver Sprays area with sleep inducing powder Incapacitate
Nebula Black, with an orange line, and a glowing starburst Sets itself upright before launching flare skyward Brightens entire area for on hour: No Dam. Blinded
Grapple Teal with silver hook on one side large arrow 'shoot here Fires out rope and grapple hood No damage
Flash Blue and red sphere, emits faint blue glow Shell turns clear and lets off bright flare, concussion No Damage; Multi-Bane: Stunned, Blinded
Stalker Black and red, long dart shaped Seeks out nearest heat mass attaches inserts dart No damage: Transmits co-ordinates of dart 24 hrs.
Deadweight Sharp spike at one end, emitters recessed in sides Alters Mass of nearby bodies, increasing weight Slowed
Rogue Doctor Unpainted metal, Green needle, sickly brown fluid Fires off needles with blast Knockdown, Forced Move, Fatigue
Dinner Blue, black words, Daily Ration Unfolds and reconstitutes stored food inside No damage, constipation if eaten
Sureshot carpeted in worn warning labels, to worn to read Seeks random target, then explodes Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Stunned
Winter’s bite Pale blue color with white sheen leaves a thick frost over everything after explodes Persistent Damage, Knockdown, slowed
Fury Camouflaged paint A brief shriek quickly rises into inaudibility Attracts, infuriates, every monster within 200 ft.
Holo-bomb Oblong disc with transmitter on one side Projects hologram of a bomb counting down to 0 Phantasm 3
Trick bomb Green paint, Two arrows pointing at each other Switches places with thrower before exploding Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Tree Blight Half and half, green and brown Takes root and sprouts a tree which binds all in area Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Immobile
Roarer Dark yellow, oblong Emits loud roar, scares creatures away from area No Damage, Deafen, Fear
Foecrusher Reflective black paint Sudden and painful increase in local gravity Immobile, Knockdown
Decompresser Red with white lettering, “Decompresser” Grenade expands while in flight to 5x size Knockdown, Forced Move
Soundless fog-filled glass pearl Glass shatters on impact, gas makes difficult breath Silenced
Tracer Grey with a luminescent dot on side Leaves a dim glow in area after exploding Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Greazer Pitch black and slightly sticky explosion sprays slick grease over surface Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Trickstrike Streamlined design, neon broken arrow symbol Teleports mid flight, seems 2 b thrown different angle Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Bluff Clip with pen and paper attached a dud with an extremely persuasive letter tied to it No damage
Meteor Reflective black, orange rain symbol marks a target for a meteor shower (even underground) Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Sentient Spherical, grey, nondescript Possesses intelligence, irate insults due to treatment No Damage: Provoked
Wilderness Green, bumpy, damp Concussion, sprouts an oasis of plant life in area Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Rocklord Brown with angular grey splotches Raises spikes from underground stabs area Persistent Damage, Knockdown
Serpentine Grey, with green winding ‘s’ shaped symbol Snakes appear and bite people in area Persistent Damage, fatigue
Sanctuary Black with grey oval on side Raises a stone barricade in area creating cover No Damage, Forced move, Knockdown
Acid grey aerosol canister, label long worn off Sprays area with corrosive liquid No Damage, Persistent Damage
Napalm (WL 5) red capped aerosol canister, label long worn off Sprays fire (Ene 5) through area Persistent Damage
Air fuel explosive white topped aerosol canister, unmarked Sprays invisible gas which explodes at air contact Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Pheromone Clear capped aerosol canister, unmarked Seemingly nothing happens, hard to wash off attracts nearby trouble
Foecraft Gas Yellow painted aerosol canister, unmarked Emmits gas which infuriates all in area lvl 6 inflict provoked directed random target
Null-radiance Neon blue painted aerosol canister, unmarked Negative Energy 5, flash freezes upon release Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Stunned
Null-friction Smudged and dented aerosol canister, unmarked Sprays area with black liquid, extremely slippery lvl 5 inflict Knockdown
Radioactive dust Thick walled insulate aerosol canister, unmarked Energy 6, releases fine particles of rad material Persistent Damage
Adhesion White painted aerosol canister, unmarked Sprays area with minor glue Lvl 5 inflict slowed
Luminous ink Glowing aerosol canister, unmarked Sprays area with liquid, hard to remove Light PL (2)
Detonation gel Vial stabilization tech keeps contents motionless once disturbed, Energy 5 explosion Persistent Damage, Knockdown, Forced Move
Acid Vial made of an odd crystalline material Releases Liquid which smokes and bubbles on contact Lvl 5 inflict Persistent damage
Napalm Vial smells strongly of petroleum like chemicals Sticky gel flows downhill, ignites and burns, Ene 5 Persistent Damage
Molecular adhesion gel shatterproof vial, White translucent slime slowly flows downhill on contact Lvl 5 inflict Immobile
Fermented Veirot shatterproof vial, Dark brown liquid veins visibly turn black on contact Lvl 5 inflict fatigue
Fire Root extract shatterproof vial, ruby colored liquid spreading skin turns red and blisters Persistent Damage
Sorra Weed Sap shatterproof vial, Milk colored oil smells appetizing, bad migraine, hallucinations Sicken, Phantasm
Powdered Dioxe scrapings shatterproof vial, neon grey powder violent muscle contractions Persistent Damage
Jobis oil shatterproof vial, blue oil sweats, tearing, skin burns contact with water Persistent Damage
Thornsnare toxin shatterproof vial, clear sweet tasting liquid severe itching, weakened cond. Fatigue
Species 009456 Mucus shatterproof vial, Looks like milk comma-like unconsciousness incapacitate
Field line drive cleaner shatterproof vial, viscous green liquid dissolves all organic materials Persistent Damage
Brunk dust paste shatterproof vial, White Paste erratic often irrational violent behavior provoke, phantasm
Ambush spider venom shatterproof vial, blue gel causes highest extraordinary to backfire inflict damage self, special
Dried Bluetongue shatterproof vial, Black powder severe trembling disasdv on agility rolls
Sandsnake Spit shatterproof vial, Clear liquid liquid evaporates Invisible gas, skin turns bright blue
Comma dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled breathing up, then down, then almost nonexistent Incapacitate
Arctic venom dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled extreme shivering, low body temp, blue skin multi-bane: slowed, fatigue
Friends turn foes dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled Manic nonstop talking, impulse to hug friends
Wearl poison dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled Sore throat, hoarse voice, eventual nausea sicken
Instability Toxin dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled reverses current emotional state ie aggressive-passive
Water drought oil dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled Dry mouth, delirium, drink water makes worse phantasm
Dartbane dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled inflicts phobia of darts, needles fear
Jitter dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled compulsion to dance, increasingly exhausted fatigue
Vile nectar dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled skin turns a deep green and can photosynthesize
Serum 3948 small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled fade into invisibility, except for armor weapons lasts until hit
Dragon dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled saliva ignites in to air. fire breath on ex- and inhale Gain Ene 1 attack, also Ene 2 attack self for 5 turns
Grief dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled intense crying, sorrow, for no apparent reason Demoralize
Sauna dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled Irrational fear of cold fear
Neol dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled skin begins to glow… only the enemies can see it light
Senoso dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled dominant arm falls slack, useless disarm
Stasis dart small canister of 6 high tech looking darts places into suspended animation incapacitate
Tracker dart small canister of 6 darts, unlabeled Transmit location on encrypted frequency
Sonic dart Longer than normal, with small slits on the side canister of 6 Emits sound which drives creatures to attack Provoke (attacks dart victim)
Incinerator dart Small vial of luminous orange liquid inside canister of 6 vial shatters and liquid spatters, igniting Damage (Fire)