Companions and Alternate Forms

If you have both the Companion feat and the alternate form feat, do you lose your companion if you switch to your alternate form?

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It’s entirely up to how you flavor your companion. Is it a wolf that would know your scent no matter what? Do you go Mr. Hyde, so you seem different and it runs away for a while? Maybe it joins with you in order to become that alternate form.

However it would make sense for your character. Talk with your DM/GM/Head Yahoo about it as well.

Excellent question @Sci!

I would say that, mechanically speaking, the answer is yes, unless the alternate form has feat points spent on that companion.
As far as narratively speaking, I could definitely see how that would work. If Dr. Jekyll had himself a nice girlfriend companion, I wouldn’t think she’d stick around for very long when Mr. Hyde shows up.

A lot would have to be considered by both the player and the GM beforehand if a player wants to have a character like that.