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Well met fellow “Legendaires”! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or tips on how I could build a cleric of a god of magic, would love to know who that is for Amaura’s Dawn setting too.


So, @Bobo_Prime, it depends on what you imagine this Cleric to have! Is he a healer, a slinger of fire, a learned scholar, or a wielded of a great weapon? Is he all of those? What kind of perks and Flaws might be have? Is he kind-hearted, bloodthirsty, knowledgeable or does he suffer mood swings?

If you can provide a little more insight on what YOU imagine him to be like, I can help you much more easily.

As far as Amaurea’s Dawn, there’s not much released for it right now. Your best bet there is to make up your own mind about what’s there and let it stay until the official release happens.


For a cleric I would usually say creation because that is divine power, but being that he is also with a god of magic, maybe energy or alteration? I also think maybe the knowledge feat for arcana?


I find that the best way to create a character in OL is to, as @ConradCurtis pointed out, imagine your character as someone in a movie. How do they fight? How do they interact with people? What is their background (military, medical, monk, etc)?

Focus on telling the story of your character. Then, once you have fully realized them in your mind, start picking out the most defining characteristics – very tactically minded or solves everything with fire or always looking out for the little guy.

Only then start looking at the character creation rules and fitting the stats/feats/boons/etc to your mental model of the character. Open Legend is incredibly flexible and I would be surprised to see a character concept that could not be replicated in this system.

I came across this website while I was learning about OL:

I highly recommend reading the three examples the author gives. Notice the emphasis on the story of the character and see how easy it is to translate that story to stats.

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Thanks fellas! Very helpful. I’ll fully develop the character non stat wise then worry about game mechanisms to reflect that… it seems a bit backwards to the character creation process in other rpgs were back grounds are usually tagged on last and modified to fit the build. I’m berry excited to do it this way and again another layer of open legend is revealed and I am amazed yet again by how awesome and Open it truly is. Thank you guys.

HOLY CRAP @honeybadger, I didn’t know that link existed!! That. That was extremely cool to read through!!

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