Boon Concentration

How long can someone sustain a boon for? I have had some GM’s say forever as long as they use the minor action, and that seems a little overpowered does it not? DnD 5e, for example, has concentration times where after that time passed they lost concentration due to it being taxing to always be concentrating on a spell. I was wondering if there is anything like that in OL, that I may have missed? Note: I have had some GM’s say that you can only concentrate for a certain time and it seems that those are homebrewed rules.

Hello, I am a new player to the system but would like to contribute my thoughts. To my understanding, Open Legends is to actively minimize the limitations of such things that limit abilities, specifically in regards to concentration and maximum casts. As such, most of these appear to be more of a self-check thing, as in the player should be reasonable.

To the specific rules, a player may use one minor action a round to sustain (concentrate, as you say) an action. It is possible to do more, but only with feats. Beyond this, it is mostly to player digression and, as always, the DM’s holy final say in the manner. As they can only concentrate on one, however, it does limit what they may do because to use one they must not use others. Further, a focus action overrides sustain anyways as it precludes use of minor actions.

If there’s simply a rule I do not know of, perhaps it can be explained better.

Thanks for your reply and I have decided what to do now.

Generally you aren’t sustaining boons out of combat (though you do in some circumstances). Your ability to do so is determined by the GM for the narrative and situation as it makes sense.

It isn’t reasonable that throughout a day you wont’ have to do a focus action at some point (some task that requires enough of your attention to not be abel to focus on sustaining).

Not to mention usually in a combat situation, adrenaline is pumping, and helps in doing things like sustaining, etc.

If you are sustaining for an hour, I would usually have a player make a Will or similar roll that makes sense to keep it up if it matters. If it isn’t that important of a thing, don’t worry about, as you should only be doing rolls that actually matter (every roll matters).

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Another thing I might do on occasion is, if they really want to sustain that boon, I’ll allow them, but they have disadvantage on perception or related rolls during that “travel” time, or just don’t get a chance to do a perception or see anything that’s coming.

Basically, "alright, I’ll allow you to sustain it during this time, but while you are sustaining, you have essential Fatigue Level 1 (disadvantage 1 to non-combat related rolls)

Again, situational to the person and the narrative at the time. A player might be really focused on the use of a particular boon, so it might make sense they are more likely to continue to sustain it for longer periods.