Blood magic feat

So one of my players wanted to create a character that employed blood magic, I quickly poured over some of the feats, perks and boons and could not find anything.
I decided to concoct my own feat, feedback is welcome since I’m quite unsure of how to balance this/ how it would affect play. (would it maybe require higher prerequisites, or more tiers etc.)

Blood magic

Cost: 2 points


  • Tier 1: any extraordinary 1


You can sacrifice life energy to cast more powerful spells, be it your own or others.


If you drain your own HP you get an advantage on your next extraordinary roll equal to the drained HP divided by 3
If you sacrifice a creature you get an advantage equal to that creatures level.

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I’d say this part is a bit too complicated.

Did you see the Reckless Attack feat?

I’d also say, you can just use Bolster, and describe it thematically as you sacrificing your blood.

Or just take Attack Specialization, and everytime you do an attack, describe yourself sacrificing blood to make it more powerful.

Everything is in the Fluff/Flavor, I don’t think you really need to create something like this, but just re-flavor something that is there.

What would you then re-flavor to create the animal sacrafice effect, regular battle trance?

that seems reasonable. They get more payoff by giving Advantage 1 to all attacks, instead of advantage to just 1 attack.

The person sacrificing the animal to get a battle trance going, which also increases their defenses and gives them access to Reckless attack to use multiple times if they see fit, etc.