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Is there a way to inflict a bane multiple times to get it to stack faster? I guess my question is can you multi attack with a bane?

Not sure what you mean by “stack faster”.

I think there is a misunderstanding of banes, so here’s a breakdown.


  • Do not stack
    • Only 1 instance of a bane can be on a target at a time
    • If a bane comes from 2 different sources, the highest power level is kept
    • For certain banes, the GM might allow more than one instance like persistent damage, if it is different types
  • You auto inflict a bane at the highest power level that you have access to
    • I think this is where you might be confused, thinking you have to do a bane like persistent damage multiple times to get the higher power level?

There is a multi-bane attack feat, but it allows you to do 2 different banes at once.

Well for example fatigue, the more a person has the closer to death. Is there a way to get 2 fatigues applied in one turn?

Fatigue is the only bane that stacks in this way, just so you’re aware. The simplest way to do multiple attacks of any kind, bane attacks included, is using the Multi-Attack Specialist feat. I believe @Great_Moustache did an interesting character build around this concept.

Indeed, fatigue is the only build that does this, but you would probably be hurting your character more by attempting to focus solely on this. It might seem like a good concept at first, but due to the generally fast paced nature of Open Legend, you’ll find your other allies will have taken out the enemies before you’ve had a chance to stack that much fatigue in most cases.

You can go for it though, and yes, you’ll need Multi-Attack Specialist feat and/or Battle Trance + Reckless Attack + Bane Focus (since reckless attack is for damaging attacks, so you’d have to rely on 5+ damage to inflict fatigue, etc).

The character concept build I did was basically Multi-Attack + Multi-Target + Bane Focus. And I actually did entropy attacks so it would deal damage, and on high damage it would inflict fatigue. I could do several targets and attack 2 to 3 times in a round so if all landed could inflict 6 levels of fatigue in 2 or 3 rounds to several targets at once, however that was higher level for sure.

Somewhat similar to this, I just made a character that focuses on persistent damage through means of Bane Focus. Could this character stack multiple instances of persistent damage on an enemy (in this case at Power Level 4), so that when the bane would take effect, damage would be 1d6 and 1d6 if there were two instances of the bane on the enemy.

Does this mean that the rules for something like this would be left up to the GM? Because for this character, he focuses on bleeding damage. I, as GM could justify this character inflicting multiple instances of bleeding persistent damage by saying that he targets multiple arteries, exposed vein, etc. Would something like this be against the rules, or at least not in the spirit of OL? I can see how something like this could easily be abused.

NO, I mean different like:

Entropic pulsing damage


not multiple instances of bleed.

But here’s the real thing, I don’t consider Persistent Damage to actually be bleeding, you on fire, etc. It’s easier to describe it like that, and easier to understand for some people. I look at it more like reducing your stamina b/c of the impact of the hit lasting longer, or the impact of having to avoid the blow.

But that goes back to my viewpoints on HP and what it really means.

It works both ways though, and I can see instances of it actually being bleeding and you actually being on fire.

but regardless, no Banes do not stack for the very reason of abuse that could happen. The default RAW is no, plain and simple.

The GM is the finally word though, and can always decide different things.

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Ok, that’s what i thought you meant, thanks for clearing it up.