Awareness of Being Charmed or Dominated

Just to clarify, when the special sections of the charmed and dominated banes say that the victims’ “true mind” is fighting to regain control, is the victim conscious of this? In other words, should they successfully resist, will they always immediately know that they were being mind-controlled?

Given that it is not explicitly stated (as far as I can tell skimming it), I think this would be up to the GM based on the setting and what the narrative explanation for the bane is.


Good question! I’ve run into the same question - I base the answer on on how high the initial charm/dominated bane roll is. My house rule is if it’s 10+ above the target’s defense, the target is unaware of the charm/domination when they snap out of it.

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Both good responses above.

In the end the answer to this is dependent on the world you are in. That would be up to the GM to inform. Even in the world, it might work differently depending on how you go about doing the Charm/Dominate. What powers it, is it innate ability vs something learned to invoke, etc etc.

Some worlds they may never know, in others if it is done through a goddess/god of a certain nature it is left unknown. For most people of the world they wouldn’t notice, but certain peoples would b/c of training or goddess/god worshiped.