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I am new to RPG and a friend directed me to this site. I am reading through the rules on the website to get an understanding of the basics before I get too in depth. In Chapter 1 Character Creation there is a table of Attributes at a Glance with this comment “All of the attributes are explained in further detail in Chapter 2: Actions and Attributes.” However it seems Chapter 2 only talks about Actions for the most part and no Attributes are listed. Does the book/PDF have this information? If so is there more information in the book/PDF than what is on the website? I searched for this question and could not find a hit so sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks!!!

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No problem at all, this seems to be an error and you are actually the first to spot it as far as I’m aware! The section of chapter 2 that covered this was actually moved when the rules were being edited for the book release. You can find the missing section in Chapter 8, under the heading “Attributes and Action Rolls in Play”

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Thanks for replying so quickly. Much appreciated!!!