Abusing disadvantage system?

(Originally posted on MightyBell by Max van Hooren on 3/26/2017)

Say I have 4 points in energy and want to throw a fireball at a group of orcs. I already have disadvantage 2, because of a bane and circumstances, so the changes on rolling anything good on my attribute dice are already slim. Is something stopping me from taking 20 disadvantage and targetting 20 orcs? My roll would be D20+22D10 taking the lowest (probably a 1)

Justus Berard · March 26 at 10:48am · (original reply)
Technically, no. If you actually want that fireball to do anything, than you may not want to do that. Getting anything better than a 1 on those d10s is going to be nearly impossible, and relying on your d20 for success is really not going to do a whole lot (by my math, your average result with that roll is going to be 12, which would barely hit a sheep that didn’t see it coming).

Brian Feister · March 26 at 8:38pm · (original reply)
Justus Berard is right. And really, you won’t be in that situation often, but if you were, 19 times out of 20 you’d do pretty much nothing :slight_smile: … so yeah, fireball away. but unlikely you’ll have a 22 x 22 square area without any allies.

Mario Lurig · March 27 at 10:32am · (original reply)
It would be more effective (if you wanted to depend on your D20) with a Bane attack, where success is based upon beating the score only, while damaging attacks using this method would result in (probably at best) 3 damage.

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