[1 Player LFG] Very flexible availability until Feb 2018

Hi everyone,
Just looking to join a game to polish my understanding of the open legend system, aside from having fun, I mean.

  • My timezone is UTC+10, based in Melbourne, Australia. However I’m currently on holidays from university and willing to “no life” my schedule to fit with a game based wherever.
  • I’m a native English speaker and that’s the only language I’m able to play a game in (Yet!)
  • I’ve already used Roll20, Discord, Skype, etc for TTRPG play and am happy to pick up anything else required.
    • I am happy to use video if required but would need a little notice to get a webcam. I haven’t replaced mine since it broke last year.
  • Again I’m available whenever, with reasonable notice of schedule changes considering time-zone differences, I can attend any game time.
  • I have a little experience with D&D 5e, Open Legend (I GM’d “A Star Once Fallen” for some friends), Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun 5e and, if you can believe it, the Wheel Of Time RPG system.
    • The main reason I want to join a new game as a player in OL, even though I’ve already GM’d ASOF is because I felt very uncertain about a lot of rules at that time and also it has been more than 6 months since I ran that game but I am intending to run a new game in the Amaurea’s Dawn setting some time in the new year and would like to get some practice in first to make sure I give my players the best storytelling experience I can with as little jumbled understanding of rule mechanics as possible! Learn by doing!

Thanks for looking at my application! I hope to hear from someone soon. <3

do i need a webcam?:camera:

I’d play as a character, let me know if you it works out please

i want to gm to some of my friends, so i need some more experience
id love to go as a pc if you got a gm by now