[1-2 LFM] For Multi-universe

Hey all,

I’m looking to start a multi-universe sliders/lego dimensions style open legend game. Characters could be from any universe including made up ones, with agreed upon limitations. The basic premise, without giving away too much would be that characters would be travelling between multiple worlds; anything from the DC universe to Lord of the rings to Pokemon. It will also open the possibility for players to GM as well in a universe of their choosing as the story progresses.

Currently, I am looking for 1-2 more players who can play between 0930 - 1230 GMT Sundays. I’m planning play over Discord voice chat and the first session will most likely be on the 10th of September.


I’d be interested in talking to you more about this, specifically is it in the morning or evening? I’m in the OL Discord if we can find each other.


Glad you’re interested. So the game will be 0930 - 1230 GMT/UTC, I’m actually living in Australia so it will be 1930-2330 Local time for me. On OL Discord my screen name is Kalendras, feel free to contact me there if you like.


Definitely interested.
In my time zone it’s at 5:30pm on Mondays, which is perfect!

I’ve only played one OpenLegend one shot, though (And that was like 6 months ago), and before then I’ve only ever tried a few short games of Dungeons and Dragons and some forum RPs, so I’m not exactly an experienced roleplayer.

We might have to test that my connection and microphone aren’t so bad that my voice breaks up beforehand, though.